Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

summer capsule

white cami (old) – similar in yellow / white tee / lace bardot top (old) – similar / tassel vest

lace dress / stripe tee / band tee / grey v neck

grey linen mix jumper / blush tee / midi skirt (old) – similar / burgundy linen mix jumper

linen tee / bardot dress / cami (old) / denim shorts (vintage) – similar

denim jacket (vintage) – similar / boyfriend jeans / denim skirt / bardot top (old) – similar

high waisted jeans / slip dress / jumpsuit / kimono (old) – similar

converse / metallic trainers / birkenstocks / loafers

sandals / open toe boots (old) – similar / studded boots 

Happy Friday!

Here’s something to see you through the weekend, it’s my Summer capsule wardrobe! I’m really pleased with this capsule and excited to share a little about it with you : )

In total it consists of 31 pieces, a few less than previous capsules, however I feel with the addition of more dresses I have plenty of options available to me. Here’s a breakdown of what the 31 pieces consists of:

  • 13 tops
  • 5 bottoms
  • 4 dresses/jumpsuits
  • 2 jackets
  • 7 pairs of shoes

Of these pieces, 13 were carried over from my Spring capsule, 6 were pulled from storage and 12 were purchased new.

I know 12 new pieces seems incredibly high, but I feel it’s justified as I was seriously lacking in Summer clothes. Summer is my least favourite season to dress for as I hate having to get my legs out but needed to be comfortable, so I’ve added a few new dress options which will be cool on the hotter days without having to bare too much skin.

I kept the colour palette neutral, with lots of whites, greys and blacks, and added a bit of colour through similar warm tones of pinks and burgundy. As I mentioned in my Summer inspiration post, there’s a lot of influence from the boho style with lots of off the shoulder, lace and denim. Materials wise I’ve stuck to what I love – lots of cool linen and cotton to see me through the warmer months.

New favourites

Jumpsuit. This recent purchase has fast become a favourite of mine, it’s so easy to throw on but still look pulled together, and next week I’ll be sharing a few ways to style it up!

Linen tees. Of the t-shirts I’ve included, 4 are 100% linen or linen mix, which has to be my favourite fabric for Summer. It’s lightweight and cool, and I find the loose shapes to be super flattering for me.

Metallic trainers. These were another new purchase for Summer. Based on how much I love and wear my Converse, I felt it was time to branch out and include another pair of trainers. The metallic shade is subtle and easy to pair with everything I already owned. They certainly add a fun element to my shoe selection!

Almost everything I’ve included in this capsule is plain, with the exception of a printed dress, kimono and stripe and band tees. I find plain colours easier to style and throw on, but I’d still love to include a printed top, and although I’m now on a shopping ban after my 12 (!) new pieces, if I happen across one during the next few months, I won’t be hesitating to add it into the mix.

Overall I’m really happy with my selection. I’ve got a wide range of styles so I know I can confidently throw together a super bohemian look, a super casual look, or something somewhere in between, which is what I felt was lacking from my Spring capsule.

Now it’s your turn! Feel free to share your Summer capsules in the comments, I love to see what others have chosen to include in theirs!

I can’t wait to start sharing Summer outfits with you all, so see you here next week where we’ll kick things off with a Style Series!


6 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Summer is always guaranteed to bring the heat, which makes choosing an outfit a million times more difficult. This summer, for me, the Off-the-shoulder styled blouses, t shirt dress, floral dress, ruffled shirts and shorts are my necessary outfit.

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