Winter 10×10 challenge 2018

It’s that time again, the #winter10x10 is here!

I’m already running behind myself as I actually started the challenge on Friday, yet here I am on Sunday only just getting around to sharing my picks with you. I’m going to attempt to share daily (or near enough) outfits over on my Instagram, with a more detailed look at outfits on here – broken down into 2 parts (outfits 1-5 and outfits 6-10, with a wrap up post at the end).

I love taking part in this challenge, and this time around there’s plenty of familiar faces taking part, as well as lots of first timers too! As always, a big thank you to Lee of Stylebee and Caroline of Un-Fancy for hosting this challenge!

So, let’s take a look at my 10 picks…


  1. Cable Knit jumper – seems to only be the Tall version left in stock!
  2. Vintage style jeans
  3. Ankle boots (on sale!)
  4. Straight leg jeans
  5. Breton stripe (similar)
  6. Olive high neck jumper (old)
  7. Floral dress
  8. Burgundy jumper
  9. Metallic trainers
  10. Cardigan

To be completely honest with you, there wasn’t a whole lot of planning involved in choosing my pieces. I wanted to be comfortable and warm, so jeans and a selection of jumpers were a must. I added one long sleeve top and a cardigan, just to offer a bit of variation so I didn’t get bored.

The dress is a bit of a wildcard…I’ve got one night out planned towards the end of the 10 days for a friends birthday, so this was included purely for this occasion. However now it’s in, I’d love to find some more casual ways to style it, perhaps with the burgundy jumper over the top.

I haven’t included any coats or jackets in my 10 pieces, as the weather is fairly unpredictable I needed to have the flexibility to grab different outerwear to suit. I also don’t include any loungewear or clothes I may wear to workout (yeah right) or walk the dog.

Last time I did a purely work wear 10×10, so I’m excited to share outfits from my Autumn/Winter Capsule this time around. And don’t worry, if you voted for work wear on my Instagram poll, I’ll be bringing some more work wear based content your way following the 10×10!

Let me know if you’re taking part in the Winter 10×10, I love to see what pieces everyone else includes and the outfits they put together!


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