Winter 10×10 2018 | Outfits 1-5

Wow, can you believe we’re already half way through the Winter 10×10?

This time around I’m taking a super relaxed approach to the challenge. I haven’t really set myself any goals, and the pieces I’ve included are super basic and very same-y. But then that’s the reality of my wardrobe – and I guess to an extent, what a capsule wardrobe is – a selection of pieces that can be mixed and matched, and pieces that I love and truly define my style.

The outfits I’ve been creating from my 10 pieces are by no means groundbreaking, in fact I’d even go so far as to say they’re pretty boring, but you know what? That’s okay! I feel like myself in every single outfit, and I certainly feel like I’m edging closer to closet contentment every single day.

I’ve decided to break the challenge into 4 posts to share with you:

  1. Intro and my 10 picks
  2. Outfits 1-5
  3. Outfits 6-10
  4. Wrap up!

I’m still sharing (almost) daily outfits over on my Instagram, although today I’m actually taking a day off, because why not. I haven’t done anything apart from working during the day, and I’m positive no one needs to see my slobby loungewear clothes I’m currently donning.

So, let’s take a more in depth look at the outfits so far!

2401-2018-0617435871401554720.jpegBurgundy jumper + straight leg jeans + ankle boots

Super comfy combination to kick off the challenge! I actually wore this Friday afternoon, as I had a half day and had some errands to run, and this worked perfectly for this! I simply added my cosy jacket to keep me warm and toasty. No styling notes to report here, simply a little front tuck to add a bit of shape to the look!

2401-2018-0609435863183115533.jpegCable knit + vintage fit jeans + ankle boots

Another day of errands plus lunch in town with my parents. I think this may be my favourite outfit so far! I’ve worn this combination before, but I think this time around the addition of the black accessories help to ground the lighter tones and bring the look together. It’s taken me a while to find the perfect way to wear these jeans, the length is pretty unflattering on my shorter legs, however I think a single wide turn up may be just the solution I was looking for! I’d considered trimming the hems on these but I’m so glad I held back as I love how they look now!

2401-2018-0615435868902791837.jpegStripes + high waist + cardigan

I love the pop of red in this outfit! This long sleeved tee is a nice twist on the classic breton (plus have I mentioned it’s 100% organic cotton?!) and I love how it looks styled simply tucked into black jeans with a longline cardigan thrown over the top. A super easy Sunday afternoon outfit!

2401-2018-0619435872829401026.jpegOlive high neck + vintage fit jeans + metallics

This is where I start to feel as though I’m cheating a bit. I wore this outfit after work on Monday, but in reality it was only worn for a couple of hours. I’ve kept my work clothes totally separate for this challenge, plus a casual wear 10×10 was the clear winner when I asked you guys on Instagram! I actually think this is my least favourite outfit, possible of the whole challenge! I’ve not worn this combination before, and for me personally, I just prefer the olive green paired with black. I do still love those metallic trainers though, and I think they add a little touch of interest to an otherwise very plain look.

2401-2018-0612435866233916685.jpegFloral dress + jumper + ankle boots

Ah, that old classic! A 10×10 tried and tested top tip! Try wearing a dress as another item of clothing – I’ve worn one as a top before, and here it’s acting as a skirt. It’s actually a wrap dress, so I wonder if there’s potential for more options there? Anyway, I included this dress for a pre planned evening for a friends birthday, so I wanted to find other ways to style it and dress it down to get more wear out of it. I love the colour combination and how the jumper picks out some of the flowers on the dress. I then cuffed the sleeves as I felt it was a bit shapeless when worn as normal. I’m really loving this look, and I’m now wondering if some of my other jumpers will work over it just as well!

How’s your #winter10x10 challenge going? Have you made any substitutions? Discovered any new combinations? I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Winter 10×10 2018 | Outfits 1-5

  1. A big *yes* to wearing tops over dresses – that was my big “aha” moment with the Fall 10 x 10. I actually really like your Monday outfit, though I think it’s way more important to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! For some reason I just prefer that jumper with black 😄 and a big yes to wearing what you feel most comfortable in!
    It’s so nice when you find a new combination isn’t it? x


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