Winter 10×10 2018 | Recap

I can’t believe how quickly this challenge went! Once again, such a fun challenge so thank you Lee and Caroline for hosting. It’s such an honour to take part and you get to meet so many like minded people across the hashtags which is really the best part. If you haven’t taken part before I strongly recommend you consider joining in for the Spring challenge!

Today I’m sharing, later than planned, my Winter 10×10 recap. We’ll take a look back over the challenge to see what worked and what didn’t.

But first, a quick reminder of my ten items:


And the ten outfits I made from them:


What was your goal for this challenge?
I didn’t really set myself a goal this time around, and it felt really refreshing. In previous challenges I’ve wanted to find more creative ways to style pieces and sometimes I’ve felt pressured or disappointed if I feel I haven’t achieved this. This 10×10 challenge for me was all about comfort and wearing the pieces I love. I was happy to be able to style the floral dress in a more casual way – I guess you could consider that a goal?

What did you learn from the challenge?
I learnt that it’s OK to not be the most creative with outfits. Every look I wore is a true reflection of my personal style, and I’m happy with that.

What was your ‘hero’ piece?
Hmm, this is a tough one, but I’d have to say the burgundy jumper. It’s already a favourite in my wardrobe (I have it in another colour too!) and in this challenge I feel like it really pulled it’s weight. I’m pleased to say it worked well with the dress which was a big success moment for me!

What was your favourite outfit?
They all felt like me, but 2 and 5 probably take it. I love the combination of lighter colours grounded with black accessories in outfit 2, and the jumper over a dress in outfit 5 is definitely a new combination I’ll be taking forward into Spring with me!

Were your picks weather appropriate?
Yes. It’s been pretty chilly here, but I felt I’d picked the right pieces to handle that. I didn’t include any coats or jackets so I could have the flexibility to choose appropriate outerwear depending on the activity.

Did you wear anything that wasn’t part of your ten picks?
Of course! I stated from the start that I would continue with my work wear as normal, and share my casual outfits from either weekends or evenings instead. I also wore a couple of different coats and jackets, as well as lounge-wear and dog walking gear!

How was laundry?
Nothing really changed for me. I like to keep laundry to a minimum anyway, plus some of these pieces I was only wearing for a couple of hours at a time so there was really no need for washing. I did have to cheat slightly for outfit 10 as my light jeans had gotten trashed the day before (thanks Senna!) and weren’t clean in time, so ended up repeating outfit 1 instead!

Were there any combinations you didn’t try?
After the success of the burgundy jumper with the floral dress, I’d have liked to see whether any of the other jumpers would work as well. I also wondered about the dress being worn as a top tucked into jeans as I’ve done before, but I’m not sure this would work so well due to the wrap style. I also considered using the striped top as a layer underneath the cropped jumper. It just goes to show you really can make so many outfits from so few pieces!

What would you have done differently?
As I’ve said I felt super comfortable in all the outfits, but maybe next time I’ll try and mix up the selection a bit more so it’s not always jumpers tucked into jeans – although this has been my uniform throughout Winter!

So there we have it. Another 10×10 done and dusted. I’m already looking forward to the Spring challenge!

Let me know how your challenge went if you took part, or if you’re planning to take part next time : )


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