Packing Series | A Week in Cornwall

So I actually have to make a confession, I came home from Cornwall over a fortnight ago and yet am only just getting round to sharing this now. Oops. Truth is, we’ve been really busy since we came home and a few things have been going on on a personal note too, so to take a couple of weeks to ourselves has been just what we needed.

And to make up for the delay, I’ll actually be sharing another Packing Series post next week too, as we’re off to Barcelona this Bank Holiday weekend to see our friends get married. And we can’t wait!

Before we get to that though, I’ve got my Cornwall packing list and outfits to share with you today.

Following on from the Spring 10×10 challenge, I was excited to plan and pack my luggage for my week away. I was so sure I could keep it super minimal but still have plenty of options. And it worked! We had a proper mix of activities planned, ranging from long coastal walks with the dog to an evening birthday meal out, but I think I had everything covered with just enough variety so that I wasn’t bored.

Here’s what I took:
Cornwall(excluding lounge-wear of course!)

I made sure I had a good mix of practical pieces that were easy to layer and mix and match to ensure I had options for all activities.

And here’s the outfits I wore:
Cornwall outfitsI’ve got so many ideas for posts I want to share so I’m making myself a Spring resolution to make more time for blogging as it’s something I love doing but don’t always have the time! Be sure to check back next week for my Barcelona packing list and outfits!


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